Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear HD

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear (2013) นินจา 2 น้ำตาเพชฌฆาต

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear

Ninja 2 : Shadow Of A Tear American martial artist Casey Bowman settled down at the Koga Ninja dojo. He also married Namiko Takeda who is currently expecting their first child. Two muggers who wield knives attack Casey while he is shopping in town for a pendant. Casey later that night goes grocery shopping. However, when he discovers that the thieves have stolen his purse, Casey rushes home to discover Namiko dead with marks of a barbed wire weapon around her neck. The day before the funeral, the dojo is visited by a former student , Nakabara, who offers Casey to join his dojo in Thailand to alleviate his grief, however Casey refuses the offer. Casey remembers the fighting style of the muggers that were he met and decides to go to the Azuma Dojo to discover their whereabouts and kill them in the dark alleyways.

A few days later, Casey follows Nakabara’s advice and goes to Bangkok. Casey one of Nakabara’s students, suddenly loses his control and begins to attack Lucas with the bokken. Nakabara reminds Casey to control his emotions and asks him to do the firewalk exercise. But, Casey stops half way through due to being troubled by memories of Namiko. He indulges in a drink in the bar nearby and is involved in an argument with several drinking patrons. The next morning, Lucas is killed by the same barbed wire weapon used to kill Namiko. Casey learns from Nakabara that his father, Sensei Takeda (Namiko’s father), and a man from Nagoya called Isamu were the top three students in the Koga dojo. Isamu and Takeda were fighting to take the control of the dojo after their sensei passed away. Takeda defeated Isamu in the fightand remained to be . Isamu’s younger brother Goro witnessed the fight and pledged to take revenge on his father’s death, even though it required three generations. Goro was the chief of one of the most powerful drug cartels operating in Myanmar. Nakabara insists Casey to go back to the United States, as being the son-in-law of Takeda makes him one of Goro’s target. Casey rather asks Casey to assist him in finding Goro. Nakabara provides him with an old map of Burma from the time of his father during World War II and includes markings that indicate the locations of ninja guns.

Casey goes to Myanmar along with Mike his Indian taxi driver. Later that night the bar he is in, he goes to and fights with a group of drug dealers. Then, he returns to his hotel room to relax, and is later detained by the State Peace and Development Council which accuses him of being an American spy and then torture him. He escapes his cell and extracts information on Goro’s whereabouts from SPDC General Sung before Mike leads him into the jungle. There, Casey finds a cemetery of Japanese soldiers and arms himself with a boxful of ninja weapons that are buried under a wooden gravemarker with the Nakabara clan’s symbol. He sneaks into Goro’s hiding place and sets the place in flames before confronting Goro’s right-handman Myat. The fight is ended with Casey striking Myat in the heart and cutting his neck. The fight ends by Casey engaging Goro, before slashing his midsection. Goro wraps his barbedwire manriki around Casey’s neck. However, Casey uses his strength and flies Goro to the ground just before he dies.

Casey is shocked to learn that Nakabara killed Lucas and Namiko when Nakabara returns to his dojo. Nakabara is revealed as a drug lord himself and was the one who employed Casey to take down Goro’s cartel to monopolize the Southeast Asian drug trade. Casey is then given the option of joining his band or join him in committing suicide. They fight in a fierce battle until Casey knocks Nakabara across the wall. This revealed a room that was filled with antiquated artifacts. The two continue to fight inside the room with weapons, with Casey slashing Nakabara at the midsection, and Nakabara impaling Casey’s left shoulder using his wakizashi. Nakabara lunges toward Casey, but Casey is able to grab the manriki and wraps it around the neck of Nakabara to kill him. Hiroshi, a student of the dojo, later informed by Casey about Nakabara’s true motivations. Hiroshi, realizing that such actions could damage the image of the dojo, declares that the incident never occurred and bids Casey goodbye. Casey goes back to Japan and drops Namiko’s pendant into a pond. This brings closure to the loss of his friend.